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Job #:  117737
Title:  HR Administrative Assistant
Location:  Elkhart
Salary Range: 
Position:  Human resources assistant

This position has been created as a temporary one initially, to help a very busy HR Manager handle training and orientation paperwork for new employees.  The hours will be full-time but you can choose a schedule starting at 7, 8 or 9am daily as long as you keep to a regular schedule.  Candidates should have strong Word, Excel, and PowerPoint skills since some of the work will involve creating new materials for the training and orientation sessions.  You'll need to go into the plant periodically, which requires steel toed boots.  It's an outstanding way to build a resume and you'll be working within a very unique industry where other opportunities may come up while you are in the offices. This is expected to last indefinitely depending on the workload.



Job Type:  Temporary
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